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Contact (support @ for prices or other questions regarding our products and services. High Speed Internet Services

Fixed Wireless Megabit Broadband

  • Service available in parts of Arkadelphia, Gurdon, and Prescott.

T1, Frame-relay, ATM, T3 Dedicated Internet Service

  • Tap onto's very high speed backbone connection with your own dedicated circuit. Ideal for business and industry that need extremely high availability and large bandwidth. can help with the TSU/DSU and Cisco router configuration. Call the office for more information. Standard Services

56K Unmetered Dial-Up PPP Internet Connection

  • Includes unmetered network access to Email, FTP, Usenet Newsgroups, World Wide Web, Telnet and IRC (chat) and more
  • No additional activation fee
  • Two e-mail addresses included
  • 10MB of web storage for a personal website
  • A 10% discount is available for annual contracts. If the annual contract is terminated early, normal monthly charges will be applied retroactively to the contract start date and a $25 disconnect fee will be applied.

Web Services and Internet Publishing

World Wide Web Servers

  • Design, produce and store Internet home pages
  • As much or as little assistance as you may need
  • Turnkey page publishing
  • Customized graphics
  • Secure web pages and sites
  • Encrypted credit card purchasing
  • For those customers who have the expertise to produce their own website, can act as a storage vehicle, allowing firms to avoid the costs of setting up their own web server by utilizing our high-speed Internet connection.

Virtual Web Servers

  • web hosting stores the content of your web site and delivers it on request to the Internet.
  • Gives your company the appearance of having your own web server without having to incur the cost of a server or the very high speed Internet connection.
  • This account includes a home page address (eg. and 20MB of storage space.

Co-Located Web Servers

  • can provide your company access to our very high speed Internet connection for a tiny fraction of the cost of bring that speed to your business.
  • Your server resides in our office, connected to our backbone service.

Domain Registration Services

  • provides assistance in register Internet domains. This is required for having your own web server or e-mail address (eg. or
  • Domains are always registered in your name, not ours (although we are typically listed as the "technical contact"). The right is exclusively yours to sell or transfer the domain, and it's yours as long as renewal fees are paid.

Design and Publishing

Router Installation and Consulting Services
  • offers consulting services including router installation and network appraisals.
  • We can set up and perform all of the functions necessary to configure your DSU and router for Internet access.
  • We can also recommend software for your company LAN to best utilize your Internet connection. reserves the right to change these prices at any time. Prices listed may not necessarily be accurate.

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