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Site Map Privacy Policy collects information for billing and support purposes. collects information about access to our servers and systems for security and support purposes. implements security measures and maintains a commitment to data security in order to limit access to this information by our employees who need it in billing, support, system analysis, maintenance and other required functions. may send periodic newsletters, but they are sent only to existing customers. does NOT share any information with any third party without a subpoena. Any subpoena must be received in ample time for to retrieve information before it is automatically deleted by our systems.
In order to establish, re-establish and support customer accounts, retains permanently information furnished to us as part of the account application such as:
Customer Name and Contact
Home and Work Telephone Numbers
Social Security or Taxpayer ID Number E-mail address
Customer IOCC User Name(s)
Customer's IOCC Password(s)
Party who referred customer to
Information necessary to bill the customer for services
Bank Name, Bank Number, Bank Account Number
Credit Card Name, Credit Card Account Number, Credit Card Expiration Date
In order to comply with accounting requirements of the U.S. Government, the State of Arkansas, and other government entities, retains permanently information related to monthly transactions:
Account Name
Date and Time of Charges
Amount of Charges
Method of Charge
Details of Transaction (such as accept or reject)
In our effort to provide the best customer support possible, retains permanently customer support call information such as:
Date and time of call
Name of person with whom we talked (as told to us)
Symptoms or problems
Suggested actions, solutions or referrals
In order to analyze customer use and monitor security, retains for approximately 90 days authentication servers information such as:
Incorrect Password
Login or Attempted Login date and time
Logout Time
Amount of Data Uploaded
Amount of Data Downloaded
In order to analyze customer use and monitor security, retains for approximately 7 days e-mail server information such as:
Date and time of e-mail message
Sender e-mail address, server name, server IP address
Recipient e-mail address, server name, server IP address
Status of e-mail message (sent, deferred, rejected, etc.)
Size of message
IOCC server message identification code
Number of messages received
Number of messages sent
In order to analyze customer use and monitor security, retains for approximately 1 to 12 months web server information such as:
Date and time of request
IP Address requesting information
Type of web request
Name of web request
Status of request (good, not allowed, error, etc.)
Size of web request
Customers who elect to not furnish information or try to prevent the recording of information may be denied an account or access to systems. Since does not share information with third parties, there are no opt-out provisions.
For additional information on's Privacy Policy, contact's Manager at the address or telephone numbers on the bottom of this web page or via e-mail

Last updated October 8, 2007.

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