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Junk Mail & Virus Filter

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Overview has partnered with Postini to provide you the latest tools to prevent viruses and junk email from reaching your computer through email. When the service begins you will receive an activation notification.

Postini services are private and secure. The junk email and virus protection is an automated process. Nobody has access to your email except you. Nobody will read your email. Your email is not censored; you control the filter settings.

Here is a brief overview of the service:
When your service is activated you will be sent explicit instructions on how to access your Message Center and how to get the most out of your junk email and virus protection.

Anti-Virus Software

We recommend installing anti-virus software on your computer and updating it regularly. While the virus filter will protect you from viruses in your email, many viruses come from sources other than email. For example, several viruses infect web servers which could then infect your computer. Viruses can also come from files downloaded off the Internet, files copied on floppy disk from an infected computer, and so on.

Adding an Alternate Email Address

If you have a second email address with IOCC, you can easily manage both email accounts in your Message Center. After logging in, click on "Account Settings" in the top right. Then, click on "Add an alternate address" in the middle. Enter your alternate email address in the box: for example, "". The newly added address will receive a confirmation message. Follow the instructions to complete adding the account.

IOSA Users

Those customers using an IOSA address should enter their email address as instead of You can add your IOSA address using the method below.

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