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Username and Password Requirements

Introduction and Explanation

As a result of computer cracking problems worldwide, every effort must be made to assure the integrity of all servers and each account on those servers. Good passwords are essential to maintaining security on a server. Short or recognizable passwords are an open invitation to break into an account and steal information. Therefore, has these requirements concerning usernames and passwords.


  • Since the username is the first part of your e-mail address, allows flexibility to meet your personal needs.
  • Usernames must be 3-12 characters in length.
  • Usernames can include your first name or last name or any dictionary word.
  • More cryptic names or numbers usually reduces the amount of unwanted e-mail and makes it more difficult for other Internet users to recognize who you are.
  • Usernames cannot begin with a number.
  • Usernames are ALWAYS lower case characters.


  • Passwords provide the real security to account names.
  • Passwords must be 7 or 8 characters in length. Shorter passwords just do not provide enough protection.
  • passwords must include at LEAST one upper case letter.
  • passwords must include at LEAST one number.
  • passwords may not include your first or last name or part of your username.
  • Passwords should not include dictionary or common words or letter combinations.
  • Passwords should not include common phrases (eg. John316).
  • Why?

Password Examples:

Bad Passswords:    Good Passwords:
These passwords are unsafe and unusable:
  • wordone (no upper case, no number)
  • wordone1 (no upper case)
  • Wordone (no number)
  • word1one (no upper case)
  • w2001 (too short, no upper case)
  • Word11 (too short)
   These passwords are safe and usable:
  • Wordone1
  • wordOne1
  • 1WordOne
  • Word1one
  • WordOne1
  • WoRdOnE1

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