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Configuring Your Domain E-mail

Here is information you need to set up your registered internet domain and mail client (eg. Outlook Express) when you want mail servers to handle your e-mail.

In these instructions, we use '' to represent your e-mail address.

Your Registered Domain
Before can handle your e-mail, you must have a registered internet domain ('' in these instructions). prefers that you register the domain yourself in your name with your own billing information! That way, there is never a question as to who owns it!
In your domain configuration, locate the name server configuration section and change to an option such as "Custom Name Servers" to specify name servers:
If necessary, can assist you in making this change.
If you prefer to handle your own DNS, can furnish you with the MX records. Handles DNS and Mail will configure our name servers to handle your DNS requests and route all e-mail through the Postini Message Center e-mail filters to cut spam and eliminate viruses.
Furnish with the e-mail addresses you want. You may forward these addresses to an existing mailbox ( or other location), or we can set up a mailbox for you.
Configure Your E-Mail Client
Outlook Express configuration is (Outlook and other mail clients are similar):
(Notice the @ between username and
Incoming Mail Server (POP3 or IMAP)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
(Notice the DOT (not @) between username and
DO NOT check "Login using Secure Password Authentication" (That's Microsoft's insecure system).
If you are NOT on's network, check "My Server Requires Authentication". Click the "Settings" button and check "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".

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