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Free Internet Customer Rewards Program

When you really like a product or service you have purchased, you are excited to tell someone about it. This is typically true of the average customer. customers promote our excellent Internet services every day. The Free Internet Customer Rewards Program is's way of saying "Thanks" to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the plan work?
A. When you tell a friend about's quality Internet services, and the friend signs up as a new customer, rewards you for the referral by crediting your personal account with a free month of service.
Q. How much is the credit?
A. The credit $19.95.
Q. How do I participate in the Free Internet Customer Reward Program?
A. It's easy! While you are telling your friends about's service, remember to tell them to mention your full name and you "username" when they sign up for's service.
Your free month's reward credit for that referral will be applied to your account when the friend signs up.
You may want to mention the "Free Internet Customer Rewards Program to help them get excited about participating and saving money on their monthly service.
Q. How will I know that I have received a Free Internet Customer Reward Program credit on my account?
A. sends an e-mail to your account telling you that a reward credit has been posted to your personal account. The credit should be obvious on your next billing.
If you do not receive an e-mail, your friend did not sign up, or did not mention your name on the account application, both of which are required for the credit.
Q. Is there a limit on the number of reward credits I can receive in a one month period?
A. Absolutely not!
You will be rewarded for each and every referral, even if your personal account goes into a negative balance.
The credits are good toward your future personal account services.
Q. May I redeem my referral reward credits for cash instead of a credit on my account?
A. Sorry, all referral reward credits can be applied only as credits to your own personal account.
Q. May I transfer my referral credits to a different customer account?
A. No. Referral credits are not transferable between accounts.
Q. What happens if my friend or referral forgets to mention my name or username to
A. All entries for reward credits must be entered at the time the customer signs up. No reward credits will be issued after the fact.
Be sure your friend understands the importance to you of naming you as the referral.
Q. Is's office in Arkadelphia the only place I can send my friends to sign up for services and receive referral reward credits?
A. Certainly not!
Your friends can pick up applications in each town we serve or online (PDF File).

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